Coconuts could be purchased wholesale

White eggs and brown eggs could be purchased wholesale

Organic fruit and vegetables could be purchased

Pure milk of cow and goat could be purchased

Small healthy sheep could be purchased

Healthy cows could be purchased

About Us

At the beginning of 1989 Ranawana Farm 1 was just a barren land. After this it gradually started to grow. First the best coconut trees were planted, then proper houses were established. Then cattle, goat, sheep, poultry and buffalo livestock were included gradually with proper sheds. Poultry gradually became the main income source. Vegetables and fruit were cultivated organically. Bio gas and compost is made within the estate itself. Then in 2014 Ranawana Farm 2 joined the family to go along with the current trend of producing pure milk.


Best organic farm in North Western Province in 2010

Best organic farm in Kurunegala District in 2010

Best goat farm in Kurunegala District in 2011

Contact Us

Both our farms are in Kurunegala District. The details are as below;

Ranawana Farm 1
Address :
Ranawana Farm, Mawee Ela Road, Alahitiyawa.
Manager : Mr. Milton - 0773043360
Miss. Narmada - 077 34 24 247
Front Office : 077 261 24 68
Ranawana Farm 2
Address :
Badhdhegama State, Thalwita, Porapola.
Manager : Mr. Perera -
077 77 54 741